J essy De Smet was born the 8th of July 1976 in Zottegem. Raised in a musical family with a pianoplayer as a father and a singer as a mother.

Already at the age of 8, Jessy started singing. Since her parents are musicians, a musical career for Jessy was the first logical choice. As her parents were performing with “Willy Sommers” (a well-known Belgian artist) every weekend, he asked Jessy to record a single with him. This single was called “Twee Vrienden” (Two friends) and scored pretty good in the Belgian charts.
About a year and a half later, “Marijn De Valck” (also the top of the Belgian entertainment), who lived in the same town as Jessy, asked her to record a song called “Vang het licht” (catch the light). All the money earned with this song, was donated to the Belgian Federation of Autism. In the meanwhile Jessy’s parents started their own band, “Jennifer Band” in which Jessy started singing at the age of 12.
In 1995 Jessy meets “The Mackenzie”, with whom she produces her first dance-single “I Am Free”, which turned out to be a big club hit. In 1998, they attacked the charts again with “Love” and “You Got To Get Up”. It is in June of 1998 that “Innocence” was released, the biggest hit Mackenzie featuring Jessy ever had, selling more than 25,000 copies in Belgium, earning them a golden CD. Being the longest registered song in the charts of 1998, Mackenzie featuring Jessy received the “ULTRATOP DANCE CHART AWARD 1998″. In September of that same year, they released “Falling In Love”, with this song another golden CD was achieved.
Only 2 months later they released “Alive”, and in April of 1999 “Out of Control” was released.The same month the album “Angel” writes history, after only 3 weeks, the album goes straight to Number 1, which has never been achieved with any dance-album in Belgium. “Angel” also won the TMF-award for “BEST ALBUM OF 1999″. Jessy was also nominated for “best female singer” and “best dance-act”.
In August of 1999 “The Rain” is released. The success of the group is enormous so one could see Jessy on national television or in interviews all the time. With the group she does at least 4 shows per weekend. After this busy summer, in December there is “Emotions”, followed in April of 2000 by “Be My Lover”.In September 2000 the single “For You” is released.
In December of 2000, Mackenzie released “All I Need”, which scores almost as good as “Innocence” and “Falling in Love”. And then finally, the last single together with Mackenzie, “Walk Away”, is released in April 2001. After this really busy period Jessy decided to have a break in her career.
After several proposals from all over Europe, she decides to start a new project with Belgian most famous producers Regi Penxten and Filip Vandueren. The names behind Milk Inc., Sylver etc. The three start working on a new single, for which Jessy wrote the lyrics herself again. The first single “Look @ Me Now” is released on vinyl in July 2002 and on CD in August 2002. “Look @ Me Now” was be released by AGM, the studio and record company where Regi and Filip are doing most of their productions. Together with a total new look and a superb video clip, the new Jessy starts a new and hopefully even bigger career. Three weeks number 8 and 16 weeks in the official Belgian chart in total is the result . Ministry of Sound released the track in the UK with a entry at number 29 in the UK-charts as result. The single “Head Over Heels” reached number 26 after two weeks charting. ‘Silent tears’ was the last single from the ‘Rain’ album.
In 2005 she made a song with a DJ-producers-duo Verheyen en Vanvaeck, called ‘My star’. But in the meantime Micky Modelle, an English DJ-producers made a remix for the ballad ‘Dancing in the dark’, that hits the top 10 charts in the UK, Ireland and Sweden. Because of the succes, they decide to make a remix of another one of Jessy’s songs on the album, ‘Over you’, another big succes in the UK, so for 2 years she’s touring in Ireland, and all over the UK. Together with Micky Modelle, she also released ‘Show me heaven’ a cover by Maria Mckee.
In 2008 there’s a collab with Michael Beltan, ‘I can’t get enough’
In 2010 she released Sash! Feat Jessy – “All Is Love” and “Missing”.
In 2011, she returned with a new song together with Kaliq Scott & DJ Rebel called “Angel”, also her best of album “The Ultimate Jessy” is now available with 17 of her greatest hits and 4 new tracks!!! “X-Tof* Featuring Jessy – “Move Your Body”, DJ Rebel Featuring Jessy – “Think About The Way 2011″ and Jessy Featuring Abie Flinstone -” Innocence”. Now in 2012 Jessy is still going strong as she teams up with Belgian DJ/producer Ian Prada, to release the smash hit, Jessy Featuring Ian Prada – “Impossible”. She also released Live & Acoustic For MNM 90′s Café” on Mostiko Records.
In 2013 ‘Nothing at all’ was released, a very big radiohit, and later on that year she released ‘Bring me back to life’ with Wolfpack.
Early 2014 Jessy enters the preselections for Eurosong but only makes it to the recalls. After this adventure, she is now ready for new things. She’s been recording in the studio, so new songs are coming real soon!!!